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Granite Worktop Guide

Enhance the Beauty of  Kitchen Countertops with Granite and Marble


For you to choose the most suitable material for your kitchen counters, you have to factor in many facets prior to making your last decision. Have you ever though of using granite and marble? Do not think that they are expensive when in actual sense they are not. After all, you are ready to spend your pennies on materials to furnish your home, and make it stunning, a place to always endeavor to stay. To achieve this, you have to make the right choice. This article highlights how these traits translate into practical benefits.


First, have the characteristics of granite. This is an igneous stone made up of feldspar and quartz, a combination which give granite very amazing color appearance. These minerals come in different colors hence; you can have a granite countertop in nearly every color. You have the freedom to choose which you deem to be very stunning that is green, pink, gray, and black and so on. This diversity of selection of colors traits is what makes granite to be very popular surface. Granite is also robust enough, a feature which makes it very suitable for a good and durable granite tech countertop for your home.


Another significant crucial aspect of granite is its strength; it is one of the factors which makes a majority of the people choose it as their countertop. In a scale which measures hardness of substance called the Mohs scale, which ranges from 1-10 granite hardness falls in the 6-7 range. This is real evidence to show that granite is robust enough to be considered as hard. Hence, this sturdiness is very suitable to hold up regular vents that may put the countertop under "attack" of daily usage. Hence, it makes such a perfect choice for new nj granite countertops because of its diverse beauty as well as rugged strength.


Are you also not looking for something noble? Then granite has many and state of the art noble qualities. Marble is very elegant because it truly shines through its soft, delicate stones that have different colors. In comparison with granite, marble requires less maintenance. Its hardness scale, as per Mohs scale, it has a scale of around 5; this is the reason why it is considered as a softer stone.


As long as you are looking for beautiful, long-lasting natural stone which will serve in the "heart of your highly treasured house' kitchen, you have to choose either granite or marble. To read more about the importance of granite countertops, go to